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Lost Boys (and Girls)

He was 52 and his father in his mid-70’s when they learned about each other. No kidding – they had each lived all those years without knowing the other one existed. Well, the son, whose name was John, knew he had a father, or had at one time, but his mother had told him that his father had died after abandoning them. And the father, whose name... >Full Story

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December Tears

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Bah Humbug. For many people, Christmas is the saddest time of year. In a culture that is obsessed with all things Christmas, it is easy to feel like an alien when our thoughts and feelings are anything but merry. Whether your pain stems from lost loved ones, unfulfilled hopes, shattered dreams or personal...... >Read More

Finding Healing After Betrayal

Interview of Will Ludy* (names have been changed). Written by L. Wang. I was desperate, dissatisfied and in great despair that Saturday night I ran with Debra to the church for help. For 12 years, my wife and I had been hiding our broken and dishonest marriage beneath the veneer of the happy and “normal” couple. We had to break... >Read More

Free at Last

In 1971, the troubles in Northern Ireland were increasingly becoming a danger to myself and to my children. We were in constant danger from bombs and bullets. This was nothing new. Every day, on the radio, we listened to a horror story of suffering. Our personal horror came one night when we were awakened by two gunmen. One stood at... >Read More

How do I change my controlling ways?

While I was surfing the web I came across an article on husbands with control issues. After reading several articles on traits of a controlling husband, I can see that I fit the description. My wife, whom I love with all my heart, is at her wits end with my constant concern of 'time watching' when she comes home... >Read More

Home Alone for the Holidays

Christmas, they tell us, is 'the most wonderful time of the year'.  What they don't tell us is what we're supposed to do when it isn't. As the cards and carols like to remind us, Christmas is a time for families and togetherness, peace and well being for all. If only the problems in life paid more attention... >Read More

Gospel of John - Chapter 7

This is 7 of 21 chapters of the Gospel of John, told from the New Living Translation of the Bible Chapter 7 - Jesus and His Brothers 1After this, Jesus stayed in Galilee, going from village to village. He wanted to stay out of Judea where the Jewish leaders were plotting his death. 2But soon it was time for the Festival... >Read More

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